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Application for partnership





We invite to cooperation trade networks and wholesale companies.

  • A unique product of the highest quality at the best price;
  • Flexible system of discounts;
  • Compensation of marketing costs;
  • Technological support and carrying out of actions for your buyers;
  • Provision of POS-materials;
  • Bonus program;
  • Tracking your sales and balances in the warehouse with the help of our managers, advising you in theformation of the order, developing our marketing department to stimulate sales of products, and everyassistance in their implementation.

POS-MATERIALS for retail networks:

For the optimal representation of our products in retail chains, the following options for placement and packaging are provided:

Placing on a shelf space:

It is recommended to exhibit at least 2 names of each type of wine, a total of 6 types, 6 units in depth of the shelf.

Sets in boxes

Wines are supplied in a package of 2 types:

– cardboard boxes of 20 units of 1 name

– cardboard boxes with a handle (sets) of 4 units (equivalent to 1 bottle of 0.75 liter), which can be completed in the form of different sets: 2 dry white and 2 dry red wines, a tasting set of 2 semisweet white and 2 semisweet red wines (2 From the line) and others, in agreement with the customer.

It is recommended to combine 2 types of placement on the pallet: from one side – wine in glasses to piece sale (box for 20 glasses), on the other hand – wine in boxes of 4 glasses (equivalent to 1 bottle of 0.75 liter) for sale in boxes.


Bottle display

Display with a glass of wine on the background of the bottle – suitable for drawing attention to the product for small spaces. Dimensions: 12 * 12 cm base, height 30 cm

40-goggles display

A special display for attracting the attention of consumers, compact and mobile. There are versions separately for red and white wines. Dimensions: diameter 40 cm, height 1.7 m.

CHEP display

The stand for volumetric computation, includes 3 product levels at the bottom and 4 more at the top, only 7 rows of 54 glasses each, which gives a maximum output of 378 units. (At partially empty levels – from 216 units).

Pallet layout:

Maximum calculation: 12 levels of 13 boxes (20 units) = 3120 units. It can be completed with different types of products (grades, colour).

Floor sticker

To attract attention in the places of the greatest traffic. Service life – not less than 3 months.

Other pos-materials:

In agreement with the customer.

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