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The WINE IN GLASSES project was established in Germany in 2014.

A group of professional experts carried out a detailed analysis of the wine market and the prospects for launching a fundamentally new product in it, which is a unique development of French scientists and has 4 international patents – premium wines in pet-glasses.

Our mission is to develop and popularize wine culture in the world by offering a quality product at an optimal price in a convenient, light and unbreakable package. Over time, this product is called upon to win a serious market share in low-alcohol drinks, cocktails, energy, beer and wines in traditional bottles due to obvious competitive advantages and competent promotion in the market.

Our wines are produced under our own brand of the Austrian Group of Companies Mozart House, as a brand which has formed loyalty and trust of consumers.

At the moment, the WINE IN GLASSES collection is represented in the market by a series of 6 Spanish wines – 2 dry white wines, 2 dry red wines and 1 white and red semi-sweet wine from traditional Spanish grapes.

The choice of the Spanish collection is not accidental – currently Spain is among the top three exporting countries and has a growing demand for its products in the world marketplace .

We closely cooperate with the Eastern European Association of Sommeliers and experts, part of the Worldwide Sommelier Association and closely cooperating with the Italian Association of Sommeliers (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers). Certified sommeliers choose quality wines for you from all over the world, so that you can enjoy the best characteristics of the Old and New Worlds. The unique technology of bottling wine under a layer of inert gas allows you to save the product exactly in the form in which it was created and conveying to the consumer himself the winemaker.

Unique technology WINE IN GLASSES


  • 10 years of research and development, 4 patents
  • Unique qualities of pet-glass: the density and hygiene of the material, perfect transparency, a shape thatmirrors the shape of the wine glass, foil and an extra plastic cover to protect the premium product
  • Filling wine under a layer of inert gas, which allows you to preserve all the organoleptic properties of thefinished product for a period of at least 12 months
  • The ideal volume of a glass 187 ml

All wines are produced under the supervision of experts of the Eastern European Sommelier Association and experts.

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