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We are glad to present you a new project of Mozart House!

Certified sommeliers have chosen quality wines for you from all over the world so that you can enjoy the best characteristic of the Old and New Worlds. The unique technology of bottling wine under a layer of inert gas allows you to save the product exactly in the form in which it was created and wanted to convey to the consumer himself the winemaker. Stunning value for money! Four glasses are equal to one bottle.

This is a beautiful and complex project: we produce glasses in Germany, we brand in Holland, we pour wine in France on patented technology.

We work closely with the East European Association of Sommeliers and experts, part of the Worldwide Sommelier Association and cooperating with the Italian Association of Sommeliers (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers).

At the moment, the WINE IN GLASSES collection is represented by a series of Spanish wines from 6 items – 2 dry white wines, 2 dry red wines and 1 white and red semi-sweet wine from traditional Spanish grapes.

It’s very convenient – you buy wine, which is already poured by glasses … And this is a very good wine for very little money! An excellent solution for picnics and other events. Meet in August in all the “Crossroads” of Russia!

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